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Things from the Internets 8/12

During a typical day, I see about 3/4 of the whole internet. The 1/4 that I DON’T see consists of pictures of babies and children that people post on facebook. Oh, and the porn parts. I don’t have those on an RSS feed… yet. Anyway, of these millions of things I see on the internet […]

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LA Adventure: SA Airport

Today, I head for LA. I’m going for no good reason except that I have a free flight and a free place to stay and lovely friends who live there. Generally, lots of interesting things happen while I’m out and about, but I forget to tell anyone… So, here. Now I’m telling EVERYONE. First off, […]

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“How to Get Your Way,” or “Crybaby on Flight 2282”

I have approximately 1500 emails in my gmail inbox (that’s not counting my “skip the inbox” folders, either). Every once in a while, I try to go through and delete things that I know I’ll never need to see again. Usually I get distracted and giggle to myself reading and reminiscing. This is a gem […]

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