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On Internet Validation

Personal validation – it’s an important thing. As much as you may like to say that you aren’t affected by what people think, you really are. Oh sure, keep your mask of indifference on in public, but you can go ahead and nod your head yes while reading this post privately, with maybe one single […]

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Google+ : First Impressions

Google Wave, Buzz, now Plus. Google has been throwing these 4-lettered products at us in the last few years. Wave and Buzz have both caused most everyone to throw some 4-lettered words right back at Google. I’ll admit that I was riding the crest of the Wave, trying to get as many people as I […]

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Regarding the Internets

Ten years ago, if you had told me what a big stupid tangle of interwebs I’d be in, I would have called you an idiot and taken your name out of my cell phone… well, perhaps not to that extent, but looking at a timeline of my internet travels to see just how quickly this […]

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