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Sluts on Halloween

I borrowed the title of this post from a youtube video by Jenna Marbles on the same topic. It’s hilarious and you should definitely watch it right now… I’ll wait. Go on now. I definitely get Jenna’s point of some girls just wanting to whore it up on the one day of the year where […]

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What Happens When You’re Too Lazy to Use the Internet

I bought some bananas at the store. I never buy bananas, because I feel guilty after they always go bad because apparently I never eat bananas that I buy. In an effort to make these bananas last as long as they could, giving me more time to not eat them, I thought back about tips […]

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Stupid Forgettingness

This morning, our HR lady bought a bunch of nice, big, ripe peaches and brought them to the office. She brought me one after lunch that she had put aside for me, since I had missed the rush and clamor that morning of all the fatties trying to get to the food first (I am […]

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