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Spartanburg Electronics Clearance!

Seriously, people. If you live in South Carolina, Spartanburg specifically, stop trying to buy electronics in parking lots. I know Best Buy is really a drag, but at least they give you actual electronics in return for your money. Last week, a 22 year old girl bought an “ipad” for $180 at a McDonald’s. Apparently, […]

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Things from the Internets, 8/25

• Hey Apple – You’re not the boss of freakin’ everything. Just because you made a phone that’s rectangular and thin and has a button doesn’t mean that other people can’t do the same. Just because your ipad is thin with a large flat screen doesn’t mean that other people can’t make one that shape […]

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About an iPad

So, I got myself an iPad last week. My friend Chad sold me his iPad (oldtimey v1) so he could buy the latest and greatest, the fancypants iPad2. Having the “old” one is no big deal for me – I don’t play any games that necessitate a great new dual processor, and I have a […]

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