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The Last Unicorn

I saw a unicorn yesterday: possibly the last known person under the age of 70 that had no clue what a “selfie” is. It was super mystical. I was at the gym, gathering my stuff from my locker after one of my “watching LOST while I sweat on the stupid exercise machine” sessions. The only […]

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You Need This App: Frequency

Questions that nag in my mind while I’m waiting for sleep to come: – Exactly how long did I spend tonight staring at Reddit Is Fun on my phone, watching gifs of puppies bonk each other on the nose instead of scrubbing my bathtubs like I know I should? – How many hours this week […]

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And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

I am ready to lose my shit, you guys. I’m just so tired, nearly exhausted, from reading blog upon blog of speculation on the new iphone that’s coming out and its possible delicious new features. A new round of this happens every 6 months or so, and I am getting terribly tired of the fuss […]

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