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Soon, I’ll be heading north to Austin to participate in the frothy music-orgy that is SXSW. I’ve been mentally preparing myself to face the hordes of hipsters — more than the usual that I face during my trips to Austin. In addition to the dealing with my personal terror of going to all the same places […]

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Things from the Internets, 8/23

• Of all the things on the internet that you missed today, this was one of them. Have you ever seen beetles make a rat disappear? It’s like magic, but with less illusions and more chewing/eating. Thanks for allowing me to add this to my imagination-arsenal, science! • I’ve been trying to ignore the Courtney Stodden situation, hoping […]

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Hero vs Evo

Evo pros so far: -HUGE beautiful gigantor screen -Big screen makes this thing a breeze to type on. Yes, I’m writing this post on the Android WordPress app on Evo (also answers to brEVO), which I never would have dreamed of doing in the Hero (Brero). There may be typos still, but this is waaaay […]

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