A 1 Second Delay

That’s what you have to deal with when you receive a call over DSN from Afghanistan. Whether it’s the satellite phones or the distance, it apparently takes 1-2 seconds for the sound to travel. Although, I really should be grateful to get a call regardless of quality. I was awakened this morning by the phone ringing, then the sweet sweet sound of my deployed BFF Nathan’s voice asking “what’s up sluuuuuut?” We talked for an hour about this and that, then he agreed that he would go to the weekend bazaar and buy me cool things if I would send him the entire 24 saga. I feel like that’s an even trade.

Nine more months, then my friend will be back. Until then, I am incredibly thankful that Army has not firewalled gchat. I can’t imagine having a friend/family member deployed before the technology that we currently have was around. Now, I can expect to find Nathan online in the mornings when he’s wrapping up for the day and checking his emails. That kind of predictability keeps me sane…

Nine more months.