A Nu Start

Well, it’s a new year. Actually, it’s been a new year for more than a month already. For that entire new year, as well as half of last year, I have been extremely lazy with this blogging business. Between my general lethargy, lots of time spent trying to maintain an eventually fruitless relationship, and actual real life things that I have to do (as long as playing Candy Crush and watching episodes of Arrested Development over and over count as a real life thing), I slacked off on most things internet.

Here’s the beginning of my stab at fully enmeshing myself again into the internet.
I got myself a new car. After test driving many, I found that I was totally in love with the 2014 Mazda6. It’s a beautiful car, and I really liked the way it handled. I wasn’t enamored with any of the other cars, and they all seemed so common on the roads. Not that a new Sonata doesn’t have some nice curves and isn’t nice to look at, but there are so many on the road that sometimes I play a game on my commute where I only breathe when I see a Sonata. I’ve not had a problem so far.
Aside from the Mazda6, I also loved the VW Jetta. I have loved each generation of body style for as long as I could remember, and was totally pumped about possibly getting to drive one. However, when I actually sat inside of one, it seemed so plain. I know, I know: that’s how the Germans like it, but I just couldn’t get used to it. I still took a 2013 Jetta (manual transmission) for a test drive to see how it felt. I stalled that damn car at a stoplight and also had a minor panic attack while testing the hill assist feature in a parking lot, but it was fine on the highway and I had a nice time while actually driving it. However, when we got back onto the lot and it was time to get out, I stopped the car, popped it out of gear, and got out. I jumped back in just in time to slam on the brakes and stop it from rolling into the brand new car in front of it, as I had forgotten that one of the things that manual transmission cars do when you take them out of gear without having the emergency brake on is to just roll down whichever slope it wants. So, that was a fun thing… and by a “fun” thing, I mean totally embarrassing and awful. That kind of thing.
The new car is great, aside from a head unit that doesn’t match the beauty and functionality of the rest of the car. A quick search on the internet shows that there aren’t too many people who are too pleased with that head unit, actually. Hopefully Mazda comes out with an update soon, or else I’ll be forced to bitch about it on the internet a little more, I guess.
So, here’s to many more blog posts in the future. Happy New Year, b’s.