About an iPad

So, I got myself an iPad last week. My friend Chad sold me his iPad (oldtimey v1) so he could buy the latest and greatest, the fancypants iPad2. Having the “old” one is no big deal for me – I don’t play any games that necessitate a great new dual processor, and I have a camera on my phone for video chat (which I don’t use anyway) and all the photo functionality I would need.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m really loving this iPad. Never have I been allowed this level of laziness… I mean convenience. I mean, I guess I have, with my EVO, but this is… bigger. And Safari is a bit prettier than my phone’s Dolphin browser. Winning Words With Friends carries a more satisfying win when it’s larger (and a more devastating loss as well). Recipes are easier to read when they’re legal sized as opposed to Post-It sized. Flipboard is magnificent to flip through, and the whole thing is just nice to look at.


The difficulty that I’m having with iPad is its restrictiveness. While I understand that this is a constraint of iOS as well as how Apple runs their ship, it’s really dragging me down. I also understand that Apple’s restrictive nature is how they keep their kitchen GLEAMING, but it can also feel a bit caged. I’ve been operating under the Android OS on my phone for more than a year now, and I love what I can do with it. Can’t find an app I want from the app store? Explore dev forums, find it somewhere else, and sideload it. Want a homescreen with a huge clock and a picture of your mom (psh, YOUR mom)? FINE – do it.


Android: “Alright, that’s cool. Whatevs.”


Apple: “Yuh huh. Check again.”


So, while I struggle with the limitations of my iPad and explore jailbreaking options and benefits, I’ll still have my EVO by my side for when I just want to download whatever from the internet and put it on my phone because I’m the boss of it all. Meanwhile, I’m sure that we three (me, EVO, and iPad) will be able to happily coexist without too many turf wars in my living room.