Allergy Technology

This morning, I went to the doctor to have my first appointment for an allergy study I’m participating in. The nurse spent about 10 minutes explaining to me all the stipulations, about what medicine outside the study I was or wasn’t allowed to take, what kind of timeline I was on, what side effects I might have, how maybe I would be on a placebo, how often I would be needing to come in for future appointments, and that I would be issued a Palm Pilot to record my symptoms and how I was feeling. After she explained all that, she asked if I had any questions. I had two:

1. Can I take cough drops?
2. Do they still make Palm Pilots, or did you guys just stock up in the 90s?

Turns out that (1) I am not allowed to take cough drops and (2) the nurse did not appreciate my technology humor so early in the morning.

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