Apple-Colored Glasses

This Apple rant is brought to you by, oh, I don’t know, like 7 cups of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie.


Ah, to see the world through Apple-colored glasses… I’ve avoided posting on my feelings regarding iphone 5 since my last Apple rant was pretty terrifying, but I’ve just GOTTA do it.

I keep hearing how the new iphone is great BUT, and how iOS6 is amazing BUT… but everything. These buts are HUUUUGE. Apple touted its awesome new camera, but when the complaints came in about the purple lens haze, it’s explained away with reasoning about how that happens with most small cameras. Well, it didn’t happen in the last iphones, did it? Or if it did, it wasn’t bad enough to cause this huge backlash. Also, don’t forget to attribute the issue to user error: you’re doing it wrong, dummy. (Also, note that in the Apple support doc, this is labeled as an “image effect!” Free bonus image effects, everyone! YOU’RE WELCOME. Love, Apple.)

This is the headline that prompted me break my intended silence and write this post:
Six iPhone 5 gripes from Apple Support: Date/Time issues, Lightning charging, Wifi, reception, voice quality and battery life

Oh, ok. So, like, everything that has to do with this being a best of the best top notch voice and data device in which people store their entire lives and schedules is broken, yet it is a “gripe.”

Here’s the intro paragraph from the article, emphasis added is mine:
“The iPhone 5 is barely a month old, and almost everyone, present company included, thinks it is the most amazing smartphone on the market. But it’s not perfect (that’s what updates are for!) and Apple’s Support Community has been lighting up with not-isolated issues affecting all matter of functionality on the iPhone 5.”

So, it’s perfect and the best, but at the same time tons of people are having lots of problems with the entire device and every facet of its functionality. This isn’t even to mention the whole Maps debacle, which was greeted with a huge amount of fanfare, then minimized by “oh, well I don’t use Maps that much anyway,” or “it’s actually a good thing, because I need to learn how to get around without nav by myself anyway.” Oh, come on.

It’s ok, though, because at least it’s still a beautiful piece of hardware, and people will deal with it because there is no alternative for such a hardcore fan-base. At least with Android phones, if you decide you don’t like the HTC launcher or the way that the phone operates, you can commit to that dislike and switch to Samsung or LG instead of placating yourself until that issue gets remedied. But then again, that iphone 5 is selling like CRAZY, which begs the question “why fix it if it’s not broken?”