Brain-cation: Foot Rugs

I like being barefoot. Right now, under my desk at work, my shoes are off. I’m getting ready to have to take some papers across the building, across the cold cold tile floor. In addition to not wanting to get my feet cold and dirty, walking around an office building without shoes is generally viewed as “unprofessional” (for a reason unknown to me).


Anyway, as I was dreading the long walk to customer service, I started daydreaming. What if there were tiny rugs that you could strap to your feet? Tiny little rugs that would allow you to walk around without having to wear shoes, but also not getting your feet dirty. It would be great, and so convenient!


After too long of those ponderings, I realized that my brainchild had already been invented, and it was called socks.




Brain is still on vacation. I wonder how long until it comes back to real life with the rest of me…