On Skyla

Welcome to the inner (way inner) workings of Breanne’s life (uterus). Shit is getting ready to get real, you guys. This might be a little TMI for some of you… dad? Relatives? Stop reading now. You can spend your time over here instead.   Having been on birth control for …

Seche Vite Love

After too many chips and dents and sheet marks, I decided it was time to take a look at changing my nail polish top coat. Through reading just dozens and dozens (ok, like three) blogs and reviews, I saw a consistent winner and bought myself a bottle of Seche Vite… and oh my goodness, it is good. Here I am, six days after my home-mani and though the tips are slightly worn, there is no chipping and peeling. Also, it dried so quickly that I only had time to bump them against a door handle once (with minimal damage) before drying! A loyal customer has been gained, Seche Vite. And even though I don’t quite know how to say your name, my hands belong to you.

(For results on par with mine, be sure not to do dishes or manual labor or try to peel up stickers or anything.)