A Nu Start

Well, it’s a new year. Actually, it’s been a new year for more than a month already. For that entire new year, as well as half of last year, I have been extremely lazy with this blogging business. Between my general lethargy, lots of time spent trying to maintain an …

My Driving Finger

This year, in my pursuit of being kinda-Catholic, I am again participating in giving something up for the Lenten season. I think that one of my more controllable flaws that I often choose not to control is my… shall we say… “volatility.” Friends will be (not at all) surprised to …

Some Pig

This Saturday, I will be being the best friend that I can be and babysitting my friend’s potbelly pig until he gets moved and settled into a new home. Napoleon should be very happy living in my backyard, yet the jury’s still out on whether or not the dogs will appreciate his presence and lawn-trimming skills.

Don’t worry — this WILL all be documented.