Chocolate Pudding Shopping

For the last Walking Dead episode of the season, my friends and I decided we’d do a themed dinner. Well, to be fair, I told them we were doing a themed dinner, and they didn’t care so said it was fine.

My plan, as I am a lazy lazy person, is to have spaghetti and meatsauce (OMG EW IT LOOKS LIKE BRAINS AND GUTS!, and also in honor of sweet sweet Hershel and his spaghetti Tuesdays), and then some olive cheese bread, not because it’s zombie-like, but because it’s delicious. Also, I had to JUST HAD TO figure out where to buy a 112oz can of chocolate pudding, or else I’d just feel like I’m not even trying.

Coral and all the pudding.
Coral and all the pudding.

Of course I’m not going to get in my car and drive around looking for cans of pudding like somebody from 1996, so I hopped onto my favorite website and started my shopping.

A simple search of “chocolate pudding can” pulled up 112oz of pudding for less than $20 as the first result. What!? What a freakin’ steal. As I scrolled through the results, looking for pudding that was Prime eligible (I ain’t paying for no pudding shipping), I came across a curious result about halfway down the first page.


Season 5 of Kenan & Kel…. as a prominent search result for chocolate pudding? What…?

Amazon search engine, you had ONE job.