Concerning Girly Things

I’d like to think that my blog is decidedly not girly. While I do talk about boys sometimes, it’s not a handbag/makeup/cookie recipe/mommy blog website. It’s not that I dislike those kinds of blogs (I actually have a whole list of them that I read), I just feel that if I’m going to write, I’d like it to be palatable to as many people as possible.

Well, I did, anyway. Lately I find myself gushing over more and more girly things (my new favorite polish, the customer-service dreamboats that work at the Coach store, the bathing suit that I can’t wait to try on), and it slightly pains me to have to omit them from what I’ll write about next. So, guess what — time for a new blog category! Gents, I will try to balance out the posts of girly princess bullshit (that I love so hard) with posts about balls or sports or whatever you dudes enjoy… photos of side-boob, maybe?