Dancing Through Life

It’s 11:43 and I’m sitting at my computer listening to the soundtrack to Wicked. Again… or still, I guess, depending on if sleeping counts as taking a break from it. I saw the musical at the beginning of this month and I am STUCK on it still. Hopefully I’ll want to listen to something else soon, but until then this is on a CD in my car as a default for when I don’t feel like plugging the ipod in. It’s torture for most males (and half of the females) who have been in my car in the last month, but if they want a ride then they can bear me singing a few numbers.

This always happens. Once I find a playlist or soundtrack that I like, it’s a nonstop listen-a-thon. I realize that it’s ridiculous, but I can’t help it. It goes on for a month at a time, and I have to force myself to listen to other things out of sheer embarrassment for myself. Culprits have been Jason Mraz, Astra Heights, Dr.Dog, Avenue Q, and now Wicked.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try not to listen to Wicked… it’s gonna be rough. I’ll let you know how it goes.