Find me a find, catch me a catch…

I finally finished filling out my profile. Complete. I’ll probably have to go back and change it soon, since I have no idea what I even wrote last night. It took me forever to just get on there and figure out what to write (3-4 days of stalling before I started the “essay questions”), so I jumped in last night and just did it. I’m pretty sure that it’s a steady stream of bullshit – but at least it’s steady… Now I guess I wait to see if my profile garners enough views etc for me to end up paying money to that site. It’s only about $20/month, so that’s not bad – that’s less than I spent at dinner at Ciao2 on Saturday night. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for me to do it anyway… meet some new people, go to some different places. As much as I love hanging out with all my friends, I feel like I’m falling into a rut. If I’m not going to date anyone that I hang out with now, and it doesn’t seem like there are any more mutual friends available to date, then how am I going to find a dude to fix my shit when it breaks?… I mean, a guy who I can take care of for the rest of our lives.

A quick check online says that two people have checked out my profile in the last few hours… maybe I’ll at least sign up for the free trial soon. Ugh. Dates. Yuck. I should probably paint my toenails.