Four Years is a Long Tweetin’ Time…

Yesterday, I received a tweet alerting me of the anniversary of my fourth year being on Twitter.


Four years.

21,150 tweets.

Following 580 people (mostly real people, and also celebrities, restaurants, & blogs I read).

Being followed by 1,294 people (several real people, but mostly spambots, sexy fake Ukrainian ladies just lookin 4 good tymes, record labels, & apartment finders).


To me, the most awe-inspiring part of it all is not the sheer amount of tweets I’ve posted, or the number of people’s lives I creep around/about every day, or even the amount of people who are able to watch what I do, but that I have actually consistently done something for four straight years that isn’t directly relative to my survival and well-being, like eating or bathing.

I’m a real trooper!