Hero vs Evo

Evo pros so far:

-HUGE beautiful gigantor screen

-Big screen makes this thing a breeze to type on. Yes, I’m writing this post on the Android WordPress app on Evo (also answers to brEVO), which I never would have dreamed of doing in the Hero (Brero). There may be typos still, but this is waaaay better. I was actually not responding to texts before because I didn’t feel like dealing with the OSK on the Hero. Yes, I know – how awful for us all!

– fast fast fast so fast. I don’t know about processors and gigarams and multijunctional romulators, but this thing is straight up faster. Perhaps you could say that I’ve only had it for a few hours and so have not yet had a chance to load it up with all my bullshit applications that were slowing down the other phone, and to that I say: fair enough.

– forward facing camera? AWESOME. Now I need to find someone to chat with on it. This is going to take phone-sex to a whole new level. Not for me, but for you know, some people I know.

– it has a built-in kickstand. That’s pretty sweet.

Evo cons:

– whoa, this thing is big (twss). I actually stood in the store holding the phone for about 15 minutes until I could commit to the huge size increase I was taking. At least it’s slim, I guess. Not bulky, just wide. Yes, TWSS.

– I’ve heard the battery life is sub-par. We’ll see what happens when I’m out and about tomorrow.

– the camera lens sticks out from the back of the screen about 1/16″. Not a huge deal, but the dude at Radio Shack was sure to let me know that I should die before i let the phone rest on the camera lens. I figure that soon enough, a phone case will come out that will negate that flaw.

– I keep reaching for the trackball in the bottom center of the Hero. I think that’s my own dumbness though – I’ll not be blaming that on HTC today.

Verdict: 7 hours in, and so far so good.