Kinda Musical Monday

I freakin’ love cover bands. Whether they perform the song to the same pace and musical details to which it was originally written or whether the cover artist puts a new spin on it, it’s all a delight to me.

I found a link to a new cover album today… a Muppets cover album called “The Green Album.” Yeah, those Muppets. At only 36 minutes, it’s a quick listen, but in those 36 minutes you’ll fly like a nostalgic shooting star through your childhood. During my first listen, I found myself humming along to songs I thought I had long forgotten… wonderful. Some that I didn’t know didn’t sound like they would have come from anything other than a standard album by one of these bands – this is no Kidz Bop. While the songs from the Muppet Show would have been great by themselves, being covered by bands like Ok Go and My Morning Jacket make them so much more “just close your eyes and listen”-worthy. Bonus: Weezer (who has their own Green Album, incidentally) covers one of my most favorite songs ever – Rainbow Connection, and Rachael Yamagata, who I have a secret lady-crush on, has her own track as well.

You can check out the link from NPR that has the entire streaming album. The album won’t be released on August 23, but until then stream away and piss your IT guy off!