Language Barrier

During my last vacation, my friends and I came across a particular vista where we decided we needed a group photo taken. All 4 of us needed to be in the photo, so the particularly difficult process of finding someone who we thought would take a good photo of us, based solely on their appearance, began.

As we were near the Santa Monica Pier, there were a good number of people who were wandering by.

“How about him?”
“Nope, too old.”
“What about that lady? Wait, no, she doesn’t look like she’s ever operated a cell phone before.”
“How about that guy? He’s got a big camera around his neck…?”
“No, that makes me want him to photograph us even less.”
“And that guy?”
“…Are you kidding me? No.”

It was a completely arbitrary and groundless process. I think that basically we were looking for somebody who looked similar to us, since we knew we could operate cameras and smart phones and take a decent photo with adequate framing. We were easily knocking out the too old, too young, and too clumsy-looking. Soon we settled on a 30’s-ish gentleman and his lady-friend who were walking past. In his charming English accent, he politely agreed to take our photo. One of my friends handed over her Galaxy phone, and explained to him that all he had to do was to say “CAPTURE” when he was ready to take the photo, and the phone would snap the photo.

We primped and posed adorably, told him we were ready, and he told the phone: “Capture.”
No dice. The phone ignored him.

Again: “Capture….. CAP-TURE.” Nope. Apparently, his charming English accent was far too charming and that Samsung phone was having no part of it.

He tried again, this time in his “American” accent: “CAYP-CHERR.”
Still nothing, but a valiant effort. A bonus was the pang of reality that struck when I realized that weird American accent is probably pretty close to what I sound like.

He resorted to pushing the button, like a peasant, which ended up being a far easier solution than yelling at the phone for 45 seconds. In any case, we learned a lesson… I think. Actually, I can’t quite think of a lesson. Ok, guys, lesson TBD.