Like a Fiddle

Right now, I’m drinking a protein shake. That’s right – whey protein, water, metal shakey ball inside the container – THE WORKS. Later, I’m going to lift some cars and move my couch around with one hand, so I’m sure to use all my replenished muscle-strength.

I had boot camp tonight. I’d say it’s going well. I’m (supposed to be) going three times a week, (supposed to be) eating really well, (supposed to be) at the pinnacle of health. Riiiight.

Reality: I can generally handle going to work out three times a week unless I work late or there is an extra-special happy hour or event (yes, alcohol will win out over exercise… I’m ok with that). The eating part is my problem with the whole system and probably the reason that I haven’t dropped as many inches as I’d have liked to so far. While I don’t mind eating veggies and grilled chicken or lean meat, and don’t even mind cutting carbs, if I get a craving for chicken picatta, I will make it. Every once in a while, I need to eat a good Pioneer Woman burger (with goat cheese instead of bleu). Sometimes a girl just needs some sweet potato fries, you know what I’m sayin’? In addition, I am generally too lazy to take my lunch to work, or if I put the effort forth, 3/5 times I’ll forget it at home anyway. In any case, that I have lost inches makes me wonder where I would be sitting if I had skipped Hooters last night or just grilled some chicken on Saturday instead of picatta’ing it up… certainly in a smaller chair. That chicken sure was good, though – totally worth the cheating.