My ACL2011: Part 2

Friday morning, I loaded into a cab with Kenneth, Paige, and Alix. Alix handed me the HTC Thunderbolt connected to the @RadioShackLIVE account and told me to go ahead and tweet it up. Uh, ok. Um… I drew a blank. When I have to tweet or write for myself, it’s like mind vomit that just won’t stop. However, when somebody TELLS me to tweet? I couldn’t think. I was terrified that I was accidentally going to cuss on RadioShack’s behalf. I managed to squeak out something about being in a cab on the way to ACL. It was toned down from the one that I posted on my own account, about maybe not surviving the terrifying cab ride I was in. Alix took a look at the tweet, said it looked good, and I sent it. Ok, that wasn’t so bad.

We got to Zilker, stopped at the merch stand to get our tshirts (old pro tip: get your shirts ASAP – they’ll sell out, and also the line will SUCK), then walked to our first stage to see Asleep at the Wheel, who was just finishing their first song of the set. Asleep at the Wheel is one of those bands that just makes me smile. They’ve played every year at ACL Festival, and hopefully they continue to do so. After their show ended, we had a little time before the next show I wanted to see, so I went on my next quest – to check out the VIP area.

Alix and I headed to The Grove (aka “where the fancy VIP bitches hang out”). We flashed our wristbands and sauntered in (in the VIP area, you saunter). As Alix began to eye the food stands, I started people watching. I recognized one of the first people I saw, and told Alix to hold on a sec because I needed to talk to somebody. I took a few steps towards the woman I recognized and said “HEY MICHELLE!” She looked at me a bit confusedly, but then said hello as I introduced myself. Now, I don’t know Michelle. I’ve never seen Michelle ever. Michelle is an editor for one of my favorite blogs, Best Week Ever. I had seen from her twitter feed that she would be at ACL, so when I saw somebody nearly 8 feet tall (an approximation, as I am terrible at guessing that stuff) with dark hair and bangs, I thought it was likely her. When I accosted her and introduced myself and told her that I was Breanne and that I read her on the internet, she was gracious enough to not mace the crazy stranger yelling her name and talking to her like I had escaped an asylum. So, thank you Michelle. Also, it’s not like I was stalking her, just curious to meet her. If anything, it’s just a little light stalking. No big deal. If stalking is a crime, then lock me up! Wait. Never mind. Don’t. Anyway, after a few pleasantries Michelle escaped into the crowds and I was left to peruse the booths of free food and drinks. And ahhhh, the free food and drinks. Roasted corn, ice cream, beer, vodka, Sweet Leaf Tea — it was all there and all free. More important than the free food/bevs, though, were the bathrooms. Sweet, sweet bathrooms with actual toilets that flush and sinks with water and soap, and people that clean them. I didn’t use the VIP area that much for food and drinks, but you can be sure that I was in that area each time I kinda had to pee (since I was actually drinking water instead of hardly hydrating so I wouldn’t have to visit a Port A Potty). As I think about it, I’m pretty sure I raved about the bathrooms in last year’s ACL blog as well.

We saw a few more bands that day: Delta Spirit, Ray LaMontagne, Foster the People, Sara Bareilles, and Coldplay. We also saw one girl pass out. We ate a chicken cone. We hugged girls with FREE HUGS signs (incidentally, I’ve had better hugs, but I guess you get what you pay for – not to imply that I usually pay for hugs). The bands were great, of course, and nothing out of the ordinary from what you would expect of their shows. I hadn’t been planning on seeing Sara Bareilles, but Kenneth wanted to so we stopped by. She was better than I expected and will definitely try to catch her next time she plays around here. Also, she seems pretty amusing, so if she wanted to be best friends with me, I probably would.

After we left the Coldplay show, Kenneth and I ran into a few friends who had a car parked not too far from Zilker. They offered us a ride back to the hotel, so we walked the mile to the car fairly quickly and efficiently, only to be stuck in traffic for another 45 minutes. Oh well.

We got back to the hotel, popped out a few quick showers, got in our beds and passed out within 2 minutes. It was a good Friday, good first day. Only two more to go…