My Musical Orlando Journey, Part 1

It was only by chance that I saw a contest put online by Quiet Company and Grooveshark, and also only by chance that I found the time to enter it. The Battle of the Beards contest was open to anyone who wanted to submit an entry, just as long as you had the best-looking beard, as decided by Quiet Company (who are covered in beards themselves). Kelsey and I got together one evening and glued some wig hair on our faces and made ourselves look like the classiest sideshow ladies there ever were. Apparently, the band thought we looked pretty great too, and they awarded me the win. I was thrilled to hear that I and a friend would be sent to Orlando for the brand new Orlando Calling festival. The lineup looked amazing, and with free flight, hotel, and festival tickets, how could I say no? Also, duh – of course I said yes. I love music shows and am getting pretty good at getting the most out of music festivals. Also, I really enjoy just going places and doing stuff – it doesn’t much matter what it is (though it’s nice when the thing has the potential for excellence).

A few weeks after the win, I found out that Grooveshark had pulled out of sponsoring the festival, so Quiet Company wouldn’t be playing either. Boo. However, I was super pleased to hear that they would still be able to follow though on our prizes. I asked Kelsey to be my weekend concert date (after all, it was her wig that we had cut to bits for the beard creation), and we started the planning. Flights were booked, hotel confirmations were made, and I started studying the lineup, listening to artists I wasn’t as familiar with. It seemed like forever, but finally Friday the 11 arrived and we were off. During all the airport waiting around, I came across a tweet that told me that if I put a certain hashtag in a tweet, I would be entered to win one of 7 pairs of weekend VIP passes. I read the rules and found out that after they sent me a direct message at 6pm Friday night, I would have 1 hour to respond and let them know I’d be accepting the tickets. This made me VERY nervous, as I would be in the air on a flight not equipped with wifi. Before I got on the flight, I was very vigilant with my tweets, alerting @fcsdotcom that I would be airborne but was preemptively accepting the tickets, should they draw my name. Well, I landed on my layover and my name wasn’t one they had drawn. Boo. As I sadly looked through their tweets, deciding on my own if each person was worthy of the VIP tickets they had been gifted, I saw something strange. Two of the twitter accounts notified looked like the same girl in the avatar. I did a little more poking around in her profiles and hmm, the girls were both named Kari. And WTF they’re both puppetteers in Orlando. This launched my fury. SCANDAL! CHEATING PUPPETING TWITTERMONSTER! I verified in the contest rules that there was allowed only one entry per person and sent a tweet letting @fscdotcom know that I thought that the same person had won twice, then hopped on my connecting flight to Orlando. By the time I landed, they had responded with concern. I went back to her profile pages to make sure I had her handle correct and to double check that I was reporting a scandal instead of two girls who just looked kinda similar, and that puppeting liar had already changed both of her profile pictures to cartoons of dinosaurs or something. What. Yeah, she totally saw this whole thing crumbling down around her and tried to cover it up. Why I oughta… @fscdotcom let me know that one of the accounts didn’t even respond, if that made me feel better. It didn’t, but I them know that I was still willing to accept a pair of VIPs, if they happened to have extra. I really wasn’t expecting anything, and definitely leapt into the air 20 minutes later when I got a message from them letting me know I had won 2 VIP passes to the festival. SUCK ON THAT, PUPPETMASTER. Whether they really drew my name or just gave me the tickets to shut me up and not launch my own full-scale investigation, I’m not sure. But also, I don’t really care. What matters is that those VIP wristbands would be on our wrists very soon.