My New Favorite Toner

Ok, nerds — I mean toner for your face, not your printer.

Even though I a grown-ass adult, my face skin still behaves as if I’m in high school. From what I had understood, that breaking out crap was supposed to go away when I was old enough to pay rent. So now I’m paying bills and a mortgage AND ALSO have to deal with breakouts? Being a grown up sucks.
In an effort to keep my skin looking like that of somebody who hasn’t just obtained their learner’s driving permit, I am on constant lookout for the “best new thing” in skincare. Or, the best new thing I can have in my own bathroom that doesn’t cost me half of a car payment, anyway.

I’m constantly rotating my cleansers, scrubs, and toner to find the perfect balance — I thought I’d give a new toner a shot this time. After some research on Ulta, Amazon, and MakeupAlley, I decided to give the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop a shot. “THE BODY SHOP?!,” I thought. “The Body Shop is only where middle school me bought calming lotions scented with eucalyptus to help me deal with the stress of 7th grade!”
WELL GUESS WHAT, INTERNET. This is the best toner I’ve ever used. I’m pretty sure it’s cut down on general oiliness after using it and it has DEFINITELY cut down on overall blemishes and breakouts (which is awesome but also kind of a downer because I love picking at things (which is totally gross and terrible, I know, but cut the attitude, Judge Reinhold, because I know you do it too)). The only trick to it is that there is a sediment (I can only assume that it’s bits of magic) that settles on the bottom of the bottle quickly after each use, so it has to be vigorously shaken before each use. It’s not a con if you consider it a quick upper body workout, though!
If your skin is an issue for you and you’re looking for a change in care routine, this might be a good one for you. And, with the incredible amount of lazy that I possess, you should know that if I took the time and effort to write all this out, then it is sure to be something I stand pretty fully behind… I guess unless you thought that maybe this was a sponsored post… but you should also know that nobody in their right mind would offer me money to write about something for them (unless you are somebody who would like to offer me money to write about something, then YES! I would love to write for you for money!).


If this blog post was a terrible waste of your time, apologies. Be on the lookout soon for a new post. I think it’ll be about poop. You’re welcome… or, I’m sorry.
(Aside: I bought my bottle for $11 at Ulta. Not a bad price, especially when you’re able to use one of the coupons they so frequently send out!)