New Toys: The Air Dock

A while ago, I found a lovely little wireless car charger called The Air Dock, gathering money for funding in an indiegogo campaign. I’d been looking for a good wireless charging solution for my car after falling in love with wireless charging via the Tylt Vu chargers I bought myself on Black Friday last year. While searching online, every single Qi-enabled car charger I came across was terrible looking, huge and clunky, looking like a giant monster crane-claw grabbing my sweet sleek phone. None would also probably fit into the small space I had in mind for it. When I found the Air Dock, I was excited and hopeful and thought that maybe JUST MAYBE this would work like I wanted. I ponied up and was able to get my contribution in at the Early Bird price.
It finally arrived at my house last Friday and it is everything I could have dreamed. This charger doesn’t have a clip or clamps to hold your phone onto the charging area, it has magnets and a slightly sticky/suction-y type pad. The Nexus5 I use has magnets and wireless charging compatibility built in, so I didn’t need to worry about any phone modifications, but the Air Dock website sells magnetic cases that will set up your non-wireless or magnetic phone (iphones as well) to work with the charger. Currently, the website is selling cases for the iphone 4/5, and wireless receiver coils for Note 2/3 and Galaxy S3/4 (though they’re also available through places like Amazon).


There are several mounting options, and I chose the one with the long bendy arm. The two other options available are a short stiff arm (to sit on the dash or hang from the windshield) or a mount that slides into the CD slot in your car. The bendy arm option allowed me to jam the charger in the back of my dash console (to put it technically), using the combination of the sticky base and the arch in the bendy arm to hold the charger in place securely. It’s super low-profile, and not an eyesore if it’s not in use.

I also set up Trigger (Android) to do a few cool things. When my phone is paired with my Mazda6’s bluetooth and recognizes that it’s being charged wirelessly, it turns on Google Music and starts CarHome Ultra, my car dock app (it also turns off wifi, which keeps the phone from trying to pair up to a stupid Starbucks hotspot while I’m stopped next to one at a stoplight).

Note: I’m currently using a Supcase Unicorn Beetle case (yes, my initial interest in it was because it sounds ADORABLE) and I have no problems with the Air Dock holding onto it or charging through it.