Nigerian Princes and the Comedy Therein

Since the CES hoopla started this week, I have grown weary of the “tech” category in my RSS reader with tons of repeat articles on all the same technology and have moved on to other categories in which to nest my idling mind. Yesterday, I quickly settled into my “it’s funny” category and started browsing through my neglected favorites in that folder, Natalie Dee and Toothpaste for Dinner. I came across the following comic from TFD:

Toothpaste for Dinner, by Drew

I was amused by the comic, as I usually am by them, but it seemed familiar… and I realized I had tweeted something extremely similar to it. OH SHIT, THERE ARE STOLEN IDEAS AMOK! Of course, I assumed that I had stolen the idea, but I am pretty surely positive that I had not seen the comic before the tweet… I’m just awfully fond of the Nigerian princes and like to tweet about them every so often.

My tweet was several weeks after the TFD comic, so it was me, ME!!!, who would have been the idea theiver (which is a word that I’m ok having made up and used).

After I had mentally tossed and turned, then resigned myself to the fact that I had not actually seen his comic and stolen it subconsciously, another thought came to mind… his comic had 43 “+1s” on Google Plus, but I only got one retweet. That same thing happened with a tweet from @badbanana (a comedy writer) on a different tweet/matter as well. What the hell, man? Same subject, but way different reception.

So, I have a few different ideas as to what is going on:

1. I have the mind of a brilliant (or at least web-brilliant) comedy writer and have not yet been discovered for my awesome comic stylings. Soon.

2. I am amusing yet lazy and don’t promote myself as I should, spreading my content to those who would appreciate it, so this is my own fault and I shouldn’t whine about it. I have to reach for the stars to catch that special moonbeam, or something as generally symbolic.

3. My twitter followers’ RT buttons are broken.

4. I am NOT as funny as I think, and neither are these writers who are coming up with the same ideas but being applauded for it. Their readers are just more easily accepting to that brand of comedy and retweet and “like” with reckless fervor because their senses are dulled by the bright shining star of celebrity of each particular comedian. I should actually be GLAD that my followers/readers aren’t encouraging my dumb humor and are much more discerning in what they pass on to their fellow readers.

So, the conclusion I have arrived at is *shrugsies, idk.* I want to keep my fingers crossed that my readers are the discerning kind, even though the crossed fingers will most likely slow my typing. Other than that, there is nothing to do but continue to develop my (self-perceived) hilarity and really get my readers peeing in their pants. I’m going to try so hard.


Note: this is not me pandering for retweets or begging for affirmation or whatever, I promise. If I pander, you’ll know it (oh, YOU’LL KNOW IT). This is also not me complaining that “since I’m obviously as good as [insert any/all comedians’ names] how come I’m working at boxes instead of being paid for funny in some fancy and hilarious place?” Well, I guess it kinda is. But still. You know… in a cute way. Right? RIGHT?!?!