Recently, an awesome link came to me through my google reader. Mashable compiled a graphic of the perks of working at THE Silicon Valley tech companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc). It is uh-mazing. They have tons of activities/amenities (rock climbing, massages, ping pong, Razr scooters for use in the office, Rock Band, yoga, dry cleaners, barber shop), nourishment (tons of catering, sometimes provided by top chefs or restaurants in the area, plus stocked kitchens and all day all you can eat free snacks), and just tons of other stuff, including an obscene amount of sick and vacation days. Of course, I know this list of awesome should be taken with a grain of salt, as I’m sure that working at these places is not an 8-5 situation. They cater your breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don’t have to leave to do pesky things like leave the office to receive nutritional nourishment.

In the spirit of chart-making, I have created the following to show the similar perks of working at boxes.

no. none of those other things.

We also have coffee!

(OBLIGATORY “IF BOXES READS THIS” COMMENT: Hey Boxes, sorry. I love you, even though there is no rock climbing wall. I can find things to climb if I need to. <3 Plus, I would rather be able to leave at 5 than have dinner catered. I repeat, I love you Boxes.)