Protect and Serve it up. Part 2.

A continuation of the last post about my ride-along with the Austin Police Department last Saturday.

• Back to running plates. Mind your stop signs, Austin. #BrePD
— This is where I learned that I am very good at radaring.

• Chasing a mofo going 11 over. Zoooom! #BrePD
• Another one! 43 in a 30! Zooom. #BrePD

• Also, the chick doing 41 was a real bitch. Of all the people who deserve tickets, she is one for sure. #BrePD
— I stayed in the car, but had the mic turned up. The entire time EForce was talking to this lady, my jaw was dropped. I haven’t ever heard anyone speak that fiercely and sassily to anyone in a while, let alone somebody who can potentially cost you lots of money. She was bitchy. She was racist. She was in a terrible mood and unapologetic about it. She also should have gotten about 100 more tickets just for being an asshole.

• Aw. Aww! Thanks for the nice words, you guys! I feel really special meow! #BrePD

• Guy we pulled over for registration got super aggressive. Backup called out and he’s still yelling! Dude, don’t yell at ppl w/guns. #BrePD
— This was fun but stressful. I got to see EForce in all his fierce policeman glory. I also got to feel like I was on an episode CSI, where as soon as EForce called for it, 3 police cars whipped into the street behind us. Meanwhile, this guy is still acting aggressive, telling the officers that EForce was being aggressive with him for no reason (he wasn’t), and continually saying “listen man, I’m disabled, so…” That guy —up to no good. His tags turned out to be ok, but he’s definitely got some other tricks up his sleeves. Watch for him on your local news (hint: he’ll be the one yelling about how he’s disabled).

• You guys, I gotta get my energy back up to bust more perps later! This show is going til 1:30! #BrePD
— Pit stop at Chuy’s. Note: even if you are with 2 cops, you will still be charged $9 and change for 4 iced teas. Now THAT’S some robbery there.

• Back on the mean streets of Austin, full of mexican food and the desire to right society’s wrongs. #BrePD

• More shenanigans! Call to a truck that got rocks thrown at it. guess who’s here: the kids from shenanigans earlier! oh, those guys. #BrePD
— Oh, those guys. Color me surprised when we drove up to the grocery store parking lot and saw those two cahooters cuffed and sitting on either side of the raspa and roasted corn trailer. The kid who had actually been ID’d as throwing the rocks, however, had run off. That kid was the same Sneaky Sneakerson that had “gotten away” on the earlier call. He must be a really great friend for the other two to not turn him in both times.

• He won’t let me install tweetdeck on the computer in the car, no matter how great I explain that it is. #BrePD

• Just met up with @kasperapd and played taser wars for a few minutes. Back to the grind! Pew pew pew! #BrePD
@KasperAPD works the same area as EForce so we ran across each other and said hello. He and I exchanged some cop talk and lots of police lingo.

• Have been watching angry neighbors yell at each other from across the street for about 10mins. One neighbor is 40ish, one is… 13. #BrePD
— Turns out the one I thought was 40ish was actually 17. Always wear sunscreen, kids!

• Paperwork sucks. #BrePD
— Boooooring, parked on the side of the road and typing stuff up. While EForce typed in reports for the previous call, I used the radar to try to clock the speed of things that I didn’t know the speed of, like a chain-link fence and birds.

• Heading back to the station and I’m hearing radio about a crazy naked man. I always miss the good stuff! #BrePD
— Apparently, EForce knew this crazy man and had visited him before. When he had been by before, he was clothed. I wish this call had happened 3 hours earlier.

• Back in… and done! Thanks for the memories, Austin. #BrePD (@ Clinton Hunter Police Substation)

• That has been this installment of #BrePD. Thanks for tuning in, and stay safe, Austin! Now back to your regularly scheduled #BreDrinking

• After a long day of coppin’ around… #BrePD
— Both #BrePD and #BreDrinking were successful. Closing the night (morning?) out with some Mexican Martinis from Trudy’s was nice, and our kind waiter, Mark, gave me about 15 olives after I kept asking him for more and more.

Even though EForce told me that the Saturday I was on “the beat” was the slowest he could remember in a long while, I still had a good time. I found my hidden skill of radar gunning, and know where the volume button in the car is for the mic — I’m ready to be a cop… or ready to get back in the car. I’m thinking that another #BrePD is in order.