Requisite Rapture Post

All believers (of the correct theology, of course) were supposed to be raptured May 21, 6pm, local time. [Aside: biblical prophecies respect time zones – who knew?] A nut named Harold Camping let us know that he had miscalculated his Bible-math and instead of his originally rapture prophecy from 1993, the chosen would be swept into the heavens on May 21, 2011.

What a stupid thing. Of course, nobody would be getting raptured that day… right? I mean, I was, like 99.9% sure that nothing was going to happen. Probably like 99.95%. Still… that .05% was a niggling one.

So, I waited. At about 6:10 when I looked at my watch, I realized that there were no cars driving unmanned, no sweet old people missing, and no airplanes crashing to the ground. Crisis averted! … or maybe we just all missed the boat. Anyway, nothing to worry about until the next rapture prediction, which is hopefully a while away.

Shit. Or in five months.