Samsung Galaxy SII vs iPhone4S

Ok. First off, I know this is a huge thing to blog about right now, as if you do a search for my post title, about 40000 search results come up. That’s alright, though, as I don’t care. This post wasn’t in my planned post timeline (yes, there is a sort of sordid method, believe it or not), but I just. cannot. take it. anymore.

My fury was launched this morning when I saw an article posted on twitter with this headline: WORLD’S MOST POPULAR APPMAKER: A Year From Now, The iPhone 4S Will STILL Be The Best Smartphone. Augh. But it’s not the best smartphone NOW!

We have been hearing and reading about this dumb new iphone nonstop for months now: first, it was the frenzied anticipation of iphone5. Then, “confirmed” leaks about the new iphone. Next, the tweets and blog posts finally covering Apple’s announcement of what everyone was sure would be the iphone5. After that, the reaction split: 1) aw, it’s not iphone5, but it’s still pretty good! 2) that’s it? They added an S?

I have problems with iphones. I didn’t mind them at first, but now I have problems with the whole thing of it. Eeeeverybody wants an iphone. They want it because it’s cool, or it’s pretty, or ooh look at the screen. That’s fine. Most people who want an iphone don’t really care to look at other options in smartphones, be it Blackberry or a Windows or Android platform. They just want an iphone. Apple has an extraordinary marketing team, and they play that game way better than that of anyone else in the industry. My problem with that is that their glitz and sparkle have won over so many people (people who are just looking for that glitz and sparkle) that other markets are falling behind. Developers will go to the platform where more people are willing to buy/use their apps, and Android (my platform, so the one I more closely identify with) is generally treated as the red-headed stepchild (apologies to my ginger friends). Perhaps you could say that that’s the fault of Apple’s competition… but I digress. When I got an ipod touch, I was thrilled that I could finally play with Instagram (who has been promising they’d dev for Android “soon” forever) and download a font identification app that I’d been wanting but can’t find any promises online at all for an upcoming Android app. Anyway, that’s all pretty tangential…

Basically, here’s the thing: if you want an iphone, get an iphone. It’s a great product. I love all of Apple’s other products – swear by my ipad, am enjoying my ipod touch, and have only ever had a Macintosh as my personal computer. If you get an iphone, though, don’t say you’re getting one because it’s the best smartphone on the market… because it’s not. It’s not surprising that Apple is suing Samsung so hard, as they are the ones who are the closest to stealing Apple’s crown.

The Galaxy S2 has a bigger screen and is lighter and thinner than iphone. The back cameras on both are both 8mp (though a friend swears that the iphone will deliver better photos for reasons undisclosed), but the front camera on Galaxy is 2mp while the iphone 4s’s is only VGA. The Samsung phone has a memory card slot as well as an accessible/replacable battery. What is doesn’t have is Apple’s OS, which apparently is a huge detriment for lots of people. OMG APPLE HAS VOICE CONTROL! So? Everyone has had voice control for a while. It gets better as time goes on, as it should be expected. Siri is supposed to be great… but we’ll see how good Siri actually is when it’s in use by the masses. As good as it’s supposed to be, I’m sure that your accent will confuse the phone into thinking you want to call Kevin instead of Devin and you’ll end up having to use the touch-screen like a peasant anyway. Siri is supposed to be great because you can tell it “Wake me up at 7am,” or “Call Angela,” or “Play Miley Cyrus, yes, really please. Come on.” And, you know, that’s kinda cool. Seamless integration is beautiful. Seamless integration, however, can only happen with applications that Apple creates or sanctions and builds around. You can’t find a different messaging or alarm clock app that is right for you, if you don’t like the default, and expect it to work for you with Siri… because Apple doesn’t want it to. So you won’t go searching, to find out if there is a better alarm app than the one that’s built into the phone, because the thing that you like about your phone is that all the apps work together.

I know that some people use iphones because they have evaluated the market and like Apple’s phone better. Perhaps they use Macs for video or photo work and the iphones work better for them. Maybe they want a “world phone.” There are legitimate reasons, I know. Be that as it may, it’s extremely frustrating for me to have to justify such a great platform (again, specifically Android) to people as a valid alternative to an iphone, when the only reason that they want it is because it’s an iphone. Aaaand, end rant. Wait. End rant after this chart I found.