Still Hanging Around

So, here we are… still hanging out on the internet, huh? Yeah… me too. Somehow, it’s been 4 years since I have actually written anything of substance here (and I use the term “of substance” very loosely). Since 2014, I’ve had a lot of time to do a bunch of things. I’ve been using my computer for important things like buying things I totally need from Amazon and Etsy and staring at the Papa John’s pizza tracker.

I’ve also had a lot of time to think about stuff… and it’s generally some pretty dumb stuff. Not that that matters at all – something being ridiculous has never stopped me from passing it on to one or a group of people. So, welcome back to my brain, you guys. Sorry it’s been such a long time, and I hope to be able to write some things that make you question why you even clicked on the link in the first place.