Stupid Forgettingness

This morning, our HR lady bought a bunch of nice, big, ripe peaches and brought them to the office. She brought me one after lunch that she had put aside for me, since I had missed the rush and clamor that morning of all the fatties trying to get to the food first (I am usually one of those fatties but was just not paying attention this time).

I washed and dried the peach so gently, since it was super ripe. I got a plate and a little plastic knife and cut it into slices. I ate that awesome juicy peach in record time, and it was amazing.

Then my mouth started itching.
Then my throat started itching.
This damn weather – there must be something in the air, I thought.


So I did the next logical thing and emailed a co-worker in all caps, blaming her for letting me forget that I was allergic to peaches. I mean, I can’t remember everything all the time, right?

Luckily, it’s a mild food allergy (or intolerance, however you want to classify it), but bananas, avocados, peaches, and sometimes tomatoes all do the same thing: cause nothing but itchy awfulness (and slight hunger alleviation).

Stupid fruit.