The Great Salt Debacle

So, I guess in LA, salt-rimmed beer glasses aren’t really a thing, as I found out at the Gold Room…

Gionne and I wandered into the bar. DosXX was on tap, and I was thrilled, as it hadn’t been available at the last two bars we had visited. We ordered two DosXX and I made sure to let the waitress know that I wanted lots of salt. The waitress brought our drinks, with neither having any salt on the glass at all.

What followed could have been penned by a (underpaid) sitcom writer:

Me: Oh, I wanted salt on this.
Waitress: Oh, I’m sorry ma’am! Let me fix that for you!
– She takes my glass away, gives it to the bartender, and comes back to hand me a Sol beer.
Me: Sol?
Waitress: Sol. Is that not what you wanted? You said you wanted Sol.
Me: No, SALT. Salt on the glass.
Waitress: On the glass?
Me: Yes, like a margarita?
Waitress: *stare*
– She took the Sol away and gave it to the bartender who shot me a look like I had just drop-kicked a puppy. Unhappy. Eventually, I saw the waitress bringing back another DosXX (which, incidentally, might not have been, since it was the color of a Miller Lite). She placed it on the table, I looked at it, and noticed again that there was no salt on the glass. I looked up at her just as she placed a salt shaker on the table. Good enough, I guess. It gave me the opportunity to show my LA friends how to perform my patented “lick the glass, pour salt in your hand, stick it to the glass” method of re-salting your beer.

I’m ready to be back at a Texas bar, where they know that “lots of salt” on a DosXX means that half a pound of salt is smashed to that glass/bottle and that I can’t have any additional sodium intake for 3 days.