Things from the Internets, 3/2

Here’s some leftover internet crap I had lying around and don’t need anymore. Enjoy!

– Baby Yoga… it’s not as soothing as you think it’d be. Actually, it’s quite terrifying.

– Homemade hot dogs being eaten by a cat wearing a hot dog costume. Wardrobe change halfway through because that’s how you stay classy.

– Did you know that snakes can control each of their scales individually? Considering that I can hardly control all four of my limbs, that is pretty freaking amazing to me. SCIENCE! Via New Scientist.

– This worm will haunt your dreams and crawl over your feet while you’re washing the shampoo out of your eyes in the shower. You’re welcome.

I'm here to eat the inside of your nostrils or whatever!

– I’m currently struggling with a massive internal debate on which is better: Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Bagel Bites.*

Pizza Rolls:
Pros: bite size. cheaper, so you’re not as mad when your jerky friends come over and eat a whole bunch of Pizza Rolls.
Cons: no matter how long you wait for them to cool after baking, they still scald the inside of your mouth like a ladle full of lava.

Bagel Bites:
Pros: eating a Bagel Bite is like eating a tiny pizza. Classy, and you can act like a giant. awesome commercial (my favorite part is where the girl raises her eyebrow at the dinosaur on tv. classic.) with awesome song to match: Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time. When pizza’s on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime.
Cons: too much bread for the toppings. Bagel Bites are the exact opposite bread/cheese ratio of Pizza Rolls. Bagel Bites come flat in a box, which is great for not tumping all the toppings off the tiny bagels, but which also doesn’t allow them to shove nearly as many Bites into one package. Your jerk friends will come over and eat all of these pizza snacks pretty quickly.
It’s too difficult a decision. My struggle continues (ie I will continue to buy both).

*Very special thanks to Kira for helpful consulting for Bagel Bites vs Pizza Rolls.