Things from the Internets, 8/15

• Drowning in an elevator. Add this to my list of irrational fears, such as plummeting my car off a bridge into a lot of water (there are very few places that could happen here), being buried alive (won’t happen, as I’ll require a bell above ground connected to a string tied to my finger), and being pulled underwater by something hiding in a patch of seaweed (that one might actually happen).

• Tara Reid got married over the weekend, and the news has also broken that Hilary Duff is pregnant. This affects our lives in the following ways:
1. …?
2. …?
3. …?

• Today in Maru: Maru wears his sheddings as a wig. He knew it.

• This isn’t brand new, but I just found it: Weezer covering Paranoid Android. I love it.

• A new wall by Shepard Fairey in Oslo, in tribute to the people who were killed there not too long ago. Beautiful. Makes me want to go paint on some walls.

• Geeks Who Drink are having a pub quiz all about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When we did their Arrested Development quiz, Fuck City, our team of TWO, nabbed 5th place. Not bad, right? Out of 99 or so teams. Yeah, we rocked it. The Sunny quiz is going to be awesome… now to start watching the entire series (so far) from the beginning. Nobody call me for the next 4 weeks, thx.