Things from the Internets, 8/22

• BREAKING NEWS: Maru has a raincoat. It’s pretty cute. Note to self, buy raincoat for my cat, make her wear it if it ever rains in Texas again.

• If you’re reading this at work, it’s ok. Web surfing HELPS you work. It’s about science – just tell your boss that while you’re getting reamed for reading about Maru instead of doing your proper job.

• WebOS is dead, long live WebOS. This is a sad thing for me, since the Palm Pre was the first of my smartphone love affairs. Its notifications were beautiful and unintrusive (ps why is my computer telling me that unintrusive is spelled wrong? Since when is that not a word?). Its OS was simple, elegant… just really nice to work with. Everything just… worked. Except for the GPS on my phone. It kept causing me problems, which is why I eventually scootched on over to Android. RIP, WebOS: I will always remember your swipey screens.

• I did a google search for “cutest picture on the internet.” This is the first image result. This is the second one. Come on, internet… we’ve gotta refine our definition of cute.

• Remember all that mess that Michael Vick caused with his pesky dog fighting/killing/raping/abusing? Bad Newz Kennels was being run from his Virginia mansion (until he went to jail and then to make millions of dollars playing football again). Now, a nonprofit has bought the property and is calling it Good Newz Rehab Center, hoping to house and rehab up to 100 dogs at a time. Pretty awesome.

• If you needed a reason other than simply “Maru” to love Japan, here’s one. Approximately $78 million in cash and valuables that were washed away in the quake/tsunami last spring have been turned in to authorities. Hey Japan, you’re awesome. Everyone else that riots, steals, and smashes at every opportune moment – cut it out.

• I’m not one for sweet sappy engagement photo shoots. Yeah, I like them, they look nice, and I think you’re pretty and all that. But, after I see what you’re wearing, your photos generally look about exactly like the last set of engagement photos I saw. Not these, though. I love them. I want to get engaged so that I can take awesome photos. Spoiler alert: zombie alert!
(Don’t be silly, there are also other reasons I’d like to be engaged – like gift registries and cake.)

• The human race has come so far, leaps and bounds past the four-legged friends we share so much with. We have medicine, technology, and thumbs. However, this has not stopped an apparent trend of people wanting to eat their placentas after childbirth. WE WILL NOT BE LIKE THE ANIMALS, HOWEVER. Make that shit into a smoothie. Dry it into some jerky. I am dead serious and 100% grossed out. Not that I don’t believe the article I found on Gawker, but I thought it best to do a little web research of my own… which makes me want to throw up even more and regret the little bit of web research I did. Little jewels found in my search are:
– is it ok for a vegan woman to eat her own placenta?
– a few placenta recipes, for the adventurous. Lasagna!
– and tons of pro-eat-your-placenta and con-eat-your-placenta arguments.
I feel like I should read up more thoroughly to properly understand both sides of the debate, but my initial reaction is to throw up all over everything.