Things from the Internets, 9/8

• This is the tiniest little possum with the tiniest little broken leg and cast that the internet could find. He broke his little leg when he fell out of a cuckoo clock he was living in with his tiny possum family – or at least that’s the story I made up about it.

• Giant red crabs are invading Antarctica. I have a few thoughts on this. The first thought I have is to run away screaming and touching the ground as little as possible, like the floor is made of lava (but instead, the floor is actually made of giant terrifying crabs). The second thought is that maybe I could assist with the scientists’ research, and perhaps a huge tub of lemon butter sauce would be helpful in my learning quest.

eat your toes off

• I did a search for “newest technology” in google images. The picture of the shoes was the first image that came up. Since I didn’t even want to THINK about reading the accompanying article, I can only guess that these are fancy new shoes where the heel folds under for fancy ladies who want to look fancy in their tall shoes but have to also drive their own cars. What?!
The “iphone” image wasn’t soon after in my image search. Again, my research stopped at copy/paste, so I’ve got nothing. Guess: etsy iphone for those kids that just can’t get enough of your iphone. I’m not sure that this will quell their wanting to play Angry Birds, but whatever you want to spend your money on, I guess.
So, basically, things aren’t looking too hot for gadget lovers in the future if this is what we have to look forward to.

• My new youtube obsession: Pomplamoose Music. When I trick myself into watching a posted video of theirs, it’s always “ok, I’ll just watch this one video. Just one. 5 minutes tops.” Instead, I watch all of the videos.