Things I Leaned in Canada

1. I can handle constant cold weather easier than I thought I could. I guess I just bitch about it here because, HELLO, it’s Texas, where summer takes up 3/4 of the year.


2. Everyone in Canada really IS that friendly. It’s not a myth. If you’re lonely and want to make friends, one-way it to Canada.


3. I really don’t mind playing the part of “dumb American.”
    Me at the gas station: *holds up one coin* How much is this one?
    Register guy: $2
    Me: *holds up another coin* And how much is this one?
    Register guy: $1
    Me: *dumps a handful of coins onto the counter and looks up pathetically at Register Guy*


I’d apologize to Americans for giving us all a bad name, but hey – they’re so nice up there that it’s all forgiven immediately already.


4. Skiing is not going to be my vacationing sport of choice. I’ll give it another shot, but let’s just say that I “twisted the shit” “out of my knee” and it was “unpleasant.” (Quotes added for emphasis and annoyance)


5. In real life places, where seasons are actually a thing, scarves are important and not just a cute accessory for when I can’t find a necklace.


6. Layovers and delays in airports aren’t quite as bad after the advent of smartphones, nay, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.


7. I don’t need to go back to Canada for a while. Beautiful, yes. Different, yes. Friendly, yes. Warm and sunny with scuba diving and lounging on the beach in 90degree weather? Not so much.


Thanks for the good times, Canadia!