Things I’ve learned in NYC so far

– walking up 6 flights of stairs doesn’t get much easier after doing it a few times. Our 7th floor apartment is just as far from the ground floor as it was the first day we got here.

– there are restaurants that serve only mac n cheese and ones that sell only rice pudding. I ate at each of them today, and both of them are delicious.

– people in NY aren’t as rude or crazy as I’ve heard about. I’ve only seen one crazy nutso lady who went bananas because her Metro Card didn’t have enough fare on it for her to ride the subway. There was screaming involved. I kept my distance.

– bucket drums are a thing and they make me dance.

– Occupy Wall Street protestors ar organized and seem like theyre doing a good job respectfully, yet loudly, trying to get their points across. Hopefully their message is as well organized as they are and they can get some of the changes that they want made. Also, they have bucket drums.

– the quote from Elf is accurate: “The yellow ones don’t stop.” I had a terrifying cab ride from Penn Station to Grand Central Station on the first day of my trip. He bobbed and weaved and yelled at people walking across the street. I was excited and scared all at once, but mostly scared only.