Time For Rest

And it’s finally done – everyone has been dropped off or sent to the airport, the house is relatively organized again (or as much as it can be) thanks to Gionne’s help, and the dogs can rest without having to worry about being ready to play with 4.5 year old Ana again. The house is quiet and I napped then read on the couch for 3 hours last night without being disturbed or having to worry about keeping anyone but myself entertained… I miss them already.

I was especially worried about my CA visitors not having a good time in San Antonio, because, well – it’s San Antonio. I apparently did an adequate job entertaining, as Gionne is already thinking of when she’ll plan her next trip here. Who can blame her, though? We Schlitterbahn’d , which is a great way to spend a 100°+ day. We went to the Alamo, which is super-boring for me but I guess not as bad if you weren’t forced to go there 20 times while you were growing up. We rode the River Cruise, which was cool, although I was a bit ashamed at the lack of knowledge I was able to demonstrate about my city. Made me think I should bone up on Texas history… but then I remembered that I mostly don’t care about ANY history, nor do I have any ability to retain that information in my head. We also went to a bar where both Gionne and I had too much to drink – great times. I also saw the most recent ex (and he saw me) from afar, which was cool because I was lookin pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

My trip to California, on the other hand, was full of amazingness. We ate and ate and ate, and then after that, we ate again. I would guess that half of my meals consisted of going to Ice Pan, which was great ice cream – so very fresh. We hiked to the Hollywood sign, we saw the Groundlings (an improv group), we saw Deathcab for Cutie at the Hollywood Bowl (playing with the LA Philharmonic), we saw a movie at the cemetery. I got to spend lots of time with Danny, who I regret not spending more time with while we lived in the same dorm in college. It was a long packed-with-activity weekend, and it was fantastic. I’m still recovering from the exertion and constant “stuff” that weekend, not even counting last weekend’s “stuff” stacked on top of it.

So, I’m not sure when my next trip out will be… more likely it will be sooner than later. I really do love it out there. I’m not sure that I could move out there – I certainly don’t have the money saved up to go out there initially. Also, all I’ve seen is fun-time vacation stuff… I haven’t had to worry about morning rush-hour, or paying obscene rent on a too-small apartment. I suppose SA will do for now. I really need to explore the downtown, Main Street, and SoFlo areas. There’s gotta be some good stuff in this city that I don’t know about…