Some Pig

This Saturday, I will be being the best friend that I can be and babysitting my friend’s potbelly pig until he gets moved and settled into a new home. Napoleon should be very happy living in my backyard, yet the jury’s still out on whether or not the dogs will appreciate his presence and lawn-trimming skills.

Don’t worry — this WILL all be documented.

The Drunkest Monkeys of Them All

This is one of the best documentary clips of all time. Summary: animals drunk off their asses from fermented fruit, with silly complementary sound effects. Boi-oi-oi-ng!

Incidentally, I am currently in the market for a marula tree and a few monkeys, if anyone’s selling.


PS I am absolutely not interested in anyone positing that these animals were sedated or anything else that makes me sad. Just don’t, you guys. Just try to enjoy drunk elephants and hungover monkeys like the rest of the internet please.