Voice to Text… Kinda.

I have Google Voice on my phone, and one of its great features is its voicemail transcription service. That means that when somebody leaves me a message, I don’t have to use all of my energy to lift the phone up to my ear and listen—I just read the transcription of the message that gets sent to me via text and email. However, it seems that maybe sometimes that service isn’t too terribly accurate.

Below is the transcript I received from the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center asking me to come in and donate blood:

Good Afternoon. This is Tony with the South Texas, but dishes or call it. Thank you for the, and I’d like to Lady donor. Please give us a call back at 731-5590 to schedule your next appointment and thank you once again for being alive. Baby doc.

I do appreciate the “thanks for being alive” part, though. Not enough people thank me for that. Baby doc.