What Happens When You’re Too Lazy to Use the Internet

I bought some bananas at the store. I never buy bananas, because I feel guilty after they always go bad because apparently I never eat bananas that I buy.

In an effort to make these bananas last as long as they could, giving me more time to not eat them, I thought back about tips that I had heard of to make fruit last longer.  I knew that you were supposed to put bananas in a paper bag to make them ripen more quickly, but couldn’t quite pin how you were supposed to slow it down. I came across the thought that maybe you were supposed to separate the bananas, because teamwork makes them turn brown faster.

A quick internet search could have probably told me that they only need to be disconnected from the stems, because it’s the attachment to the others that make them ripen, or maybe would have even told me that bananas being stuck together doesn’t have any effect on ripening anyway.

So I separated them… but how far away did they need to be from each other to slow the ripening? A few inches? Different rooms? Who knows?!?! (spoiler alert: at least half the people on the internet probably know. I could have found the answers I wanted through any of my FOUR internet-connected devices in my house. Too much work, though. None of those devices were right in front of me at that second.)

And that’s why there are bananas spread around my entire kitchen right now.


UPDATE: After I finally had to sit directly in front of the computer (after dividing all my bananas), I did a search and found out that I was RIGHT! Separating bananas DOES help slow the ripening, because of banana gasses or something that sounds slightly more scientific. [science things about banana gasses] Thanks, Internet!