Whims and Temporary Hobbies

If you asked me to define fickle, I’d probably tell you to look it up your own damn self. However, if I were feeling less ornery than usual, I’d tell you that a good way to understand what fickle is would be to take a look at my new hobbies over the last year.

Printmaking: Last fall, I decided to delve back into the world of linoleum block prints that I loved making so much in college. Supplies were purchased, and the perfect project I had in mind was started. It’s a gift for a friend, and it’s still somewhat relevant, so I can’t quite detail what it is. It’s a whole thing, though, and it is about a quarter done. The linoleum carving (the fun part) is complete, but the hand printing (the annoying frustrating part) is far from over. My guilt level over not having finished it is high, but eh… I can sleep off the guilt relatively well.

Travel points/deals and being totally in-the-know: After reading through some frequent flier blogs and forums and seeing how many people really knew how to work the system to get free flights and upgrades left and right, I decided I was sick of being left out. I’ve never flown first class! I’ve never been upgraded! If anyone deserves free travel, accommodations, and upgrades, it’s me, if for no other reason than {{note to self: remember to make up convincing reason before posting}}. My sense of entitlement is way too high to not at least try to get these things for free. I added 13 travel blogs and forums to my RSS feed and started signing up for points/miles programs for hotels and airlines that I *might* fly (hey, I could book a trip soon on Lusitania Air, you never know). I spent no money getting this little “hobby” started, except if you count interest fees on the credit card from Southwest Airlines that I pay. Looking back, maybe getting that CC wasn’t a GREAT idea, but when I signed up for it I decided I would pay it off in full every month which worked for a little bit but then HEY FREE MONEY! Anyway, now I have a bunch of Southwest/Airtran points, so at least there’s that. I’ve given up on reading through all those things and have fallen back to my pre-crazy-travel-guru habit of just signing up for travel sweepstakes I come across.

Sewing: Now, this one is the one that I’ve put the most money into lately and one that looks like it’s actually going to stick. A few months ago, Mom gave me a sewing machine she had laying around the house. Since then, I’ve been finding and pinning 100 million projects, techniques, and inspirations that I love (much to the dismay of people who follow me on Pinterest for my fat fat fatty delicious food pins, I’m sure). I’ve made several small projects, pincushions and small tote bags, and a few quilted grocery bag holders, but last night I made my first little bag that didn’t follow an exact pattern, and was also the first time I’d put a zipper in something. It sounds dumb, I know, but HOLY SHIT I am proud of that tiny little bag! I feel like I’m good at this — building the projects makes total sense to me, and the techniques are simple enough once I understand how and why they’re done. Yes, this hobby will probably stick, if for nothing else than the intense and mostly instant gratification I get from it. Unfortunately, this new hobby’s presence in my life is evident by looking at my recent purchases on amazon.com and etsy… too many purchases about sewing. Projects next up: some aprons, a blanket, maybe a quilt, maybe a fancy pincushion (but let’s not get too crazy), or even a wrap dress. You guys, this summer is going to be CUH-RAZY!