Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself

So far, it’s been a regular day, wrapping up with some grocery shopping. Everything was going well until I started walking to my car… and I saw Her. She gave me that fake smile and I knew it was all over — something was going down.

They’re nothing but little monsters. They wait until you’re not focusing on your task at hand, then they take advantage. They sit and wait, then they take your willpower and your money — all while looking at you like you ASKED for this.

After it’s all finished, I’ll hate myself. I’ll lie on the couch, wanting do nothing but sleep until I forget… but ultimately, I can’t forget. I can’t stop thinking about Her and what She did for me, and my mind will wander, wondering where She is. Eventually, I’ll get up and I’ll find Her, or maybe one of Her friends, and then I’ll start the miserable cycle of self-loathing once again.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season again… and I’m already ready for another box.